Cornflower: Symbol of Hope

flower-of-hope The cornflower (Centaurea cyanis) is the international flower of hope for ALS and MND (motor neuron diseases). As I began to read more about this beautiful flower, I soon realized that it was in fact the perfect flower to represent people battling ALS.

Although the Cornflower may seem fragile due to its appearance, it is anything but. It is both a courageous and determined plant, able to withstand some of nature’s unpleasant elements while thriving in areas where many other plants simply can’t.

This beautiful flower exhibits qualities that remarkably mirrors those of my mother and those faced with ALS. At times, yes, my mother’s physical appearance may have seemed fragile and delicate, but her mind and spirit truly reflected her constant courage and determination as she coped and confronted head-on the complexities of this unforgiving disease. Time and time again she demonstrated her strength of character and bravery by refusing to surrender and choosing to live life to the fullest of her capabilities. Similarly to the plant, ALS patients must face an ever-increasing number of challenges within their environment, which is why I strongly believe they deserve all the help, support and recognition we can give them.

The cornflower begins to bloom in June, which also happens to be month for ALS awareness. Throughout the month, people raise awareness and show their support, either by raising funds, wearing the blue cornflower, or simply by sharing their stories. It is a comforting thought that as the cornflower continues to grow throughout the country, so is ALS awareness, funding for care and the hope for a cure.

Let them be our inspiration for raising awareness and never lose hope!

This will be my third year participating in the “Walk for ALS” event and fundraising to help those diagnosed with this unforgiving disease. The money raised goes towards funding research and providing support and equipment to those affected with ALS. My goal this year is to raise $3000. If you wish to sponsor me, please click on the “Donate” icon below. I thank you so much in advance for your generous and thoughtful donation.



One thought on “Cornflower: Symbol of Hope

  1. This story deeply touched my heart. I just lost my mom only this past mother’s day
    What gives me comfort is that my brothers and I were there for my mom in the end. ALS is a very frustrating disease to watch someone go through. I was there every day for her & I believe that helped us both in the end
    Not omly was she my mom, she was also my best friend. Although I believe she is at peace now, I miss her much
    It almost doesn’t feel real b/c she had only been gone shy of two months. To others out there, just b there as much ad possible

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