The blog and the ALS walk

As the disease progressed and I watched my mother slowly slip away, I couldn’t help but feel completely and utterly helpless. So, three years I decided to take action and register for the “Walk for ALS” event. I was hoping that it would give me a sense of helping my mother and other PALS (people with ALS) in some way. Thanks to so many generous sponsors, I was able to raise close to total of $6000 that went towards research for a cure and to help improve the lives of those affected by ALS (providing support, care, equipment, etc.). You know, I have to say, taking part in the event not only feels amazing to know that I’m helping raise money and awareness for a great cause, but it feels great to be a part of a community of people who can relate to each other in some way and who share the same goal.

This year, the walk weighs heavier on me, but I still feel it is important (if not more) to raise awareness and funds in the hopes to find a cure so other patients and their family don’t need to go through the terrifying events this disease brings with it.

The purpose of this blog:

Initially, my idea to create a blog was to add a personal touch to the “Walk for ALS” fundraiser, while creating a space to tell my mom’s story. I wanted to give people who may not know much about ALS a chance to peek into someone’s life battling with this relentless disease. And so I began working on the idea of starting a blog. It wasn’t long until I started looking online to see if other people had written blogs about ALS and their experiences. What I found was a small community of people, complete strangers for that matter, offering support and sharing their stories. Instantly, I also felt the need to reach out and be a part of that community. So it got me thinking….the whole purpose of the “Walk for ALS” event is to not only raise funds for research and to offer people affected with ALS support of all kinds, but it’s also meant to raise awareness. And so I figured, maybe I could create a blog that would offer comprehensive information about ALS, explain where and how funds are allocated, and ultimately to offer a means to connect people both from within and outside the ALS community. I’m hoping this blog creates a space where people can share their comments or stories, or even perhaps offer someone who happens to fall upon this site a sense of “not being alone”, a place where others can either relate to them or offer support.

The event- ALS walk: May 31st  2014

This will be my third year participating in the “Walk for ALS” event. Last year, the walk in which I took part, we collectively raised $102,697.24, which is incredible!

ALS Walk 2012

So this year I didn’t even hesitate to register again. I really hope I can attain my goal to raise at least $3000, but I need your help for that. At the bottom of each page of the blog is a “sponsor me/donate” icon. Clicking on this will link you to my “sponsor me” page on the ALS Society website, where you can make a donation.

By supporting the ALS Society, you will be contributing to a worthy cause who’s aim is to keep the hope alive of finding a cure. The money raised will go towards funding research programs as well as to provide quality services to improve the quality of life of those affected by ALS (equipment loan programs, care, etc.).

Thank you to all those who offer support and help!




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